Alfriston Camping Parks Terms and Conditions CAMPING IN SUSSEX UK

Terms and conditions rules on site.

At ACP Your enjoyment and safety whilst here is paramount, therefore we would kindly ask you to read and follow the campsite code: Respect your neighbours, we are all here to enjoy ourselves but please be respectful with noise levels and language at all times with strictly no music after 10pm. Respect the environment, please ensure not to litter and take all your rubbish to the appropriate bins. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. Please keep fires and BBQs in designated containers, raised from the ground and located at least 3m from tents or vehicles. Please familiarise yourself with where the nearest fire extinguisher is and where the emergency meeting points are located. If you need any assistance during your stay, please ask a member of staff. Many thanks and we hope you enjoy

(1). Tents must be erected and vehicles parked at a minimum of 6 metres from their nearest neighbour(s).
(2). Drivers must observe a maximum speed of 5 m.p.h. on the campsite.
(3). Drivers returning after dark must leave their vehicle at the tennis court, from where it is only a short walk to any pitch.
(4). Facilities must be left in the clean and tidy condition in which other users would expect to find them.
(5). Noise must be kept to a minimum between the hours of 10p.m. and 9a.m. Campers are asked to avoid playing music during these hours.
(6). Climbing or defacing trees is expressly prohibited, as is using their branches for firewood. If needed, firewood can be bought from the site reception.
(7). Climbing or defacing fences or gates is similarly forbidden.
(8). It is strictly prohibited to trespass onto neighbouring property or for campers, children and pets to enter the working farmyard.
(9). Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are forbidden and must not be brought on site.
(10). Any mess made by pets on site, welcome though they are, must be cleaned up by their owners.
(11). On departure pitches must be left tidy and free of litter. Please help us by bagging up your rubbish and putting it in our designated bin.
(12). There can be no fly tipping on the lane or in the woods of neighbouring areas
(13). Vehicles must be driven slowly and carefully when leaving the site. Horses are constantly being ridden down the lane.
(14). Campers on and visitors to the site must accept that any use of the facilities provided is entirely at their own risk. ACP cannot accept any liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property caused whilst on its premises other than its strict legal liability.
(15). Campers must accept that use of fire pits is at their own risk. Responsibility for your fire is entirely your own. Fire must be made in the fire pits provided or raised off the ground if you use your own equipment.
(16). Fire pits that are provided must not be moved for safety reasons.
(17). Anyone lighting a fire must ensure it is extinguished before going to sleep.
(18). Disposable barbecues must not be placed directly on the grass.
(19). Please leave the showers and toilets as you would like to find them.

Respect each other

Remember sometimes your enjoyment could be someone else's misery or misfortune please respect each other.

Please enjoy your stay, treat others as you would wish to be treated and we hope to see you all again..

We beg to remind you that all persons staying on or visiting the farm and campsite use the facilities provided entirely at their own risk. Alfriston Camping Park will not be held responsible.

  • duke of Edinburgh groups welcome
  • families welcome
  • friendly dogs welcome (FREE)

Owners of dogs are expected to clean up after their dogs. (Rule 10)

A comment from a face book user Kerry Beazer plus left us a TESTIMONIAL: 5 stars!!We had an amazing time at ACP.. we are booking again and this is now our go to campsite :) we highly recommend it to anyone we speak to!! Fantastic Place plus the kids loved it as well.

A big thank you to all who use our site, for all the feedback, comments and ideas We understand that without customers like you we don't have a business so thank you all.


The origin of name of the East Sussex village Alfriston comes from the original name for the settlement, Aelfric tun.

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Our motto

Treat each other in a manner we would like to be treated ourselves we will not just get on as a group we will all be happier and more content.

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What we do

Provide a safe place for families, groups of people, young or old to have some fun meet new friends at affordable prices.

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Why us

We think you will have a fantastic stay and like many of our other campers want to come again and recommend us to your friends.

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